Our Products

Our Products


Wall Papers always add a little more breathability to the walls as compared to vinyl films and other solutions. Available in several textures and completely customisable. 
Best For: Non-public areas like cabins, behind reception desks and small meeting rooms.


Mockingbird’s speciality, decals are a perfect solution to your office graphic needs. They merge seamlessly with your interiors; look just like paint; can be completely customised and don’t cost a bomb. Your perfect solution for internal branding.
Best For: Absolutely any wall in your office.


Add a dash of colour to your office with printed canvas frames from Mockingbird. Still the purest form of art, Mockingbird’s canvas frames can add a lot of ambient value to your workspace. With a ready catalogue of 300+ designs, we also customise these for your office walls.
Best For: Dead walls in your office & passage areas with less depth.


Want to cover the entire wall in a common area? Printed vinyl wraps are your best bet. Easy to maintain and clean, these are made using the best brands of vinyl films like 3M and Avery; Mockingbird assures you a 3 year warranty* on all its vinyl wraps. 
Best For: Common areas like office cafeteria’s, workspace areas, breakout zones, office gyms & cabinets.


Bored of the regular rectangular whiteboards? Get a customised whiteboard from Mockingbird. These are films which can be cut in any shape and installed directly on smooth surfaces in your office. Rewritable, these come with a 2 year warranty.
Best For: Cabins & meeting rooms