Project OutSmart


What is Project Outsmart?

Project Outsmart is an initiative by Mockingbird Studios® to help printing & wall graphic businesses located outside India to cut down fixed design costs and outsmart their competition. We bring about 10 years of wall graphic designing expertise to your business.

Our Services


Wall Graphics need a specialized sense of design. Not all designers who can brand also design wall graphics. Under Project Outsmart we provide you with multiple designers who have finely honed their skills for a variety of wall graphics – including but not limited to – decals, wallpapers, vinyls and canvas frames.


With the advent of heavy usage of glass in the interior industry, glass graphics have gained high importance. And most clients today are tired of the straight-line designs on frosted films. Whether it is frosted films or clear ones, our designers ensure that the designs are contemporary and noteworthy.


Residential clients can be the toughest as they are so closely attached to their homes. These walls too require a completely different sense of aesthetics as compared to offices or stores. We have designed for over 1800 homes till date and understand the love that each client has for her home and we put in equal efforts to design these; no matter how small the wall.


Internal branding helps companies to build powerful emotional connections with their employees. Our strategic team identifies your brand internally we do a thorough research about them before coming up with their branding proposition and then developing graphics around the same. Concept to Design – you can now outsource it all.

Why choose us?

Cost Savings

Outsourcing your Graphic Designing to us will help you save upto 60% of your annual design costs.

Unwavering Focus

We keep our focus on designing for large format printing and wall graphic companies. We thus have a laser like focus and understanding of your needs.

Security Of Your Designs

Mockingbird Studios® is the official manufacturer for Wall Stickers of several international licensed brands (including most of your favorite superheroes). Hence we already have strict protocols in place for data security. Your designs are safe with us.

Fast TATs

Since we focus on a single business vertical, we are able to provide extremely fast and accurate turnarounds, while not diluting the quality of the graphic.

Our Clients

We have proudly designed the wall graphics for over 180 corporate offices in India. And have given life to another 100+ hospitality projects across the country. We work for clients of all sizes, from startups to MNCs.

Our Achievements

From designing a single wall of size 3,500 sq.ft. to designing wallpapers as small as 20 sq.ft. we have always poured equal passion in all our work.

Starting off as a boutique graphic shop, Mockingbird Studios® is today one of India’s largest wall graphic design companies, with several accolades to its name.