How We Make Our Company Work

We put Employees first.

Our employees are at the core of the creative experience. Happiness spawns creativity. And creativity spawns business.

We decide deadlines.

Designers who are looking to build their career at Mockingbird Studios can be rest assured that we are not the typical ‘work-till-late’ agency. We give immense importance to work-life balance. And even more importance to the fact that creativity needs time.

Graphics are our business and happy designers, our business model.

We encourage holidays.

In 7 years of it’s existence, Mockingbird Studios has never once rejected a holiday request. We know you love your work. And we know you would want to get back to it as soon as possible.

We speak out.

Everybody at Mockingbird is encouraged to speak their mind when it comes to ideas, suggestions or improvements. We do not hire people and tell them what to do. We hire them so that they can tell us what to do.

We love North mumbai.

We understand that we are in the northernmost suburb in proper Mumbai. But if you are someone who believes in practicality over flashiness, you would know that you will always travel against traffic, thereby giving more time to yourself and your family. (Psssstt…The Metro service is going to start only half a km away from the office. For east. And west.)

Come. Join the madness.

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