Diwali 2023

Welcome to the dynamic world of Mockingbird Studios, where imagination is unrestricted and inventiveness is expected.

Right from our exuberant beginnings in Mumbai, Maharashtra in 2011, our goal has been to reinvent what it means to be an artist.

With over 7,500 walls having received our creative touch, we are experts in creating custom wall and glass designs, and we’re only getting started! Our Mockingbird team is driven by our unwavering dedication to pushing creative limits, which is more than simply a catchphrase.

Christmas 2023

What makes Mockingbird Studios stand out?


We value humility because we know that every role no matter how big or small plays a part in our team's success.


Collaboration is at our core. Come work with a team where everyone's ideas are valued and heard.

Learn and Develop

Your professional development is our top priority at Mockingbird Studios. Embrace a culture that promotes growth and learning.

We love
North Mumbai

We understand that we are in the northernmost suburb in proper Mumbai. But if you are someone who believes in practicality over flashiness, you would know that you will always travel against traffic, thereby giving more time to yourself and your family.  (Psssstt…! The Metro is just 5 mins away from us.)

You won’t simply work at Mockingbird Studios; as an employee, you’ll create, inspire, and add to an enduring heritage of creativity. Explore the positions at Mockingbird Studios if you want to be among the finest in the field of artistic expression.

Come join the madness!