The Company

Mockingbird Studios believes in the simple of concept of ‘Delight’.

Whether it is in providing you with concepts, executing your ideas, giving the best quality print output or doing precise installations, we ensure that you are delighted at every step of the process.

Whether it is our processes or people, they are all formulated in such a way that a fabulous experience is guaranteed every time. Check out our ratings on if you don’t believe us!

The People

Jai Pangaonkar

Head – Corporate Business

Jai is an expert in transforming your offices through internal branding concepts and ideas.

After successfully helping Mockingbird Studios transform more than 180 offices into visual spectacles, Jai has become an expert in identifying locations and the right graphical ideas for those locations within office spaces.

Post his MBA in Marketing he spent over 5 years in advertising before starting Mockingbird Studios in 2011 along with Priya.

An NIFT alumnus, Priya spent 3 years in the retail merchandising industry before co-founding Mockingbird. Today she runs the entire backend of the company and heads the design team too. She takes concepts & ideas and guides her team to convert them into stunning visual graphics

Priya Pangaonkar

Head – Design and Operations

Rahul Sawalkar

Head – Hospitality & Residential Business

An expert in the printing business, Rahul joined Mockingbird in 2015 and now heads the Hospitality and Residential divisions of the business. Rahul has successfully handled more than 200 residential site and executed projects for more than 30 hotels.

The Tech

At Mockingbird Studios we use the latest and the best in printing technology to ensure that the designs we create for you are printed on the most premium machine available in the world today.

HP Latex

Best For: High Quality Environment friendly printing

Our HP Latex printer uses water-based inks which don’t give off harmful vapours and also makes the printing environment friendly.The printer is also versatile, as it can print on a variety of surfaces, from papers to vinyls, from backlit films to wallpapers. The HP Latex technology also makes the print scratch resistant and abrasion resistant.

HP Latex prints are also suitable for LEED certified buildings, Hospitals as well as kid’s rooms!

UV Printing

Best For: High Quality Printing on almost any flat surface

UV Printing involves curing (drying) the inks very quickly by exposing them to UV LED Light to turn them quickly from liquid to solid, thereby reducing spreading of inks or what is popularly known as pixellation. Our UV printer gives a great colour saturation on almost any surface. Printing can also happen directly on surfaces like veneer and acrylic. We also have white ink printing possibility within our UV machine.

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