Why choose Mockingbird Studios?

The need for good wall décor

Be it the hustle and bustle of an office space or the serene solitude of a living room, your environment matters. Think about it: if something as arbitrary as the weather outside or the side of the bed you wake up on affects your mood for the remainder of the day, then imagine what something as immediate as the appearances of your very own walls have the potential to do to you!

This is why finding the appropriate wall décor is so important for any kind of space – it’s the ultimate subconscious mood-setter.

How we began

It’s probably safe to say that Jai Pangaonkar intimately understood the emotional value of appearances long before he started Mockingbird Studios: he not only earned an MBA in marketing but also worked in advertising for 5 years. It was during his time in advertising that he hit it off with Priya – an NIFT alumnus then working in the retail merchandising industry for over 3 years. They not only bonded with each other enough to eventually share the same last name, but they also bonded over the potential of art – particularly various kinds of décor – in transforming literally any kind of space.

Shortly thereafter, in 2011, Mockingbird Studios was born.

What do we mean by transforming spaces?

The answer is in the name itself. Mockingbirds are known for their ability to accurately mimic not only the calls of other birds, but also other animals.

Wall décor, in a way, is quite similar to the mimicry of mockingbirds – though for an entirely different reason. Where the latter uses mimicry to protect themselves in the wild, wall décor imitates (and thus transports) various sceneries that tend to remain out of our grasp as modern cosmopolitan creatures.

Be it a sunny meadow or a moon-lit shoreline or even the kind of visually-pleasing designs of abstract origin you can’t put your finger on, the point of décor is to recreate different memories, experiences and frames of mind; these designs, in turn, transform both physical and mental spaces upon implementation.

What we hope to achieve

If you somehow haven’t done so already, take a look at the rest of our website: chances are you’re going to come across one particular word a whole lot in various different forms. In fact, our About Us page mentions what that word is explicitly:

“Mockingbird Studios believes in the simple of concept of ‘Delight’.”

This is frankly the very core of our philosophy here at Mockingbird Studios – whatever décor we design and implement should result in the customer’s immediate and eventual delight at every step. It’s this ceaseless pursuit of “delight” that, frankly, drives us to research, plan and work harder on all of our designs.

Our range of products

Speaking of designs, you might be wondering what kind products we here at Mockingbird Studios even offer. Well, there are 5 major ones:

  1. Customised wallpapers: Best suited for less-public areas such as reception desks and cabins, our entirely customisable wallpapers are available in a range of different textures.
  2. Wall decals and stickers: Our specialty, decals and stickers are perfect for any space due to their ability to blend in with seamlessly with your interiors. Good luck telling them from a painted surface!
  3. Canvas paintings: Who said canvas art belonged only in a museum? Add a ton of ambience to the dead walls with our canvas paintings – of which more than 300 designs are currently available!
  4. Vinyl wraps: The best way to cover any common walls in your workspace, our printed vinyl wraps are easy to maintain (they come with a 3-year warranty, by the way) and are made with the best brands of vinyl films like 3M and Avery.
  5. Whiteboards: If the daily sight of your plain rectangular whiteboard bores you, then you’re in luck – we also provide customised whiteboards in the form of films that can be cut in any shape and directly fitted anywhere in your office!

Still unsure about where you can use the above products? Here’s a list of some of the kinds of spaces we work on:

  1. Offices
    1. Reception areas
    2. Conference rooms
    3. Staff areas
    4. Meeting rooms
    5. Cafeterias
  2. Homes
    1. Living room walls
    2. Kid’s/teen’s rooms
    3. Bedrooms
    4. Temples
  3. Hospitality-related
    1. Hotels
    2. Hospitals
    3. Coffee shops
    4. Salons
    5. Lounges
  4. Schools

In conclusion

With the pandemic and ensuing lockdowns changing the way we see our internal spaces, we at Mockingbird Studios predict that wall decors will continue to grow in importance as we head into the future – and you can bet it’ll be an exciting one with Mumbai’s #1 source for graphic solutions at the helm!

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