Corporate Wall Graphics

Ideas For Corporate Wall Graphics

Wall Graphics for Corporates:

Wall Graphics or the visual appeal in any organization is of utmost importance. Positive Wall Graphics are high sources of motivation and excellent mood boosters for employees.

The Role Of Wall Graphics:

An art form that is showcased in your office is an expression of you. Hence, when you build anything dear to you, whether it’s a business or an organization it’s imperative to communicate what’s on your mind. Right from wall decals to vinyl wraps, the range with which you can experiment and channel your thoughts is vast. Mockingbird Studios is “the Place”, for all your Wall Graphic needs. We provide you with several designs, that you can select from. And make your thoughts come alive into visuals that will be an extension of your personality.

Internal branding is the first step to connect with your employees, potential clients or customers. External branding is your first impression to the world and first impressions must be turned into lasting impressions! So choose us, and see the magic with which we transform your office.

To come up with good Wall Graphics one has to first understand corporate spaces effectively. There are a few factors that come into play here:

  1. Areas where employees work
  2. Meetings and discussion rooms

Areas, where employees work or hang out the most, is the best place for corporate leadership to convey powerful messages and connect.

Sight Points in Office:

Experts suggest that one has to be very mindful of the placing of Wall Graphics, they should ideally be based on the best sight points in your office. The places where core messages have high visibility should be where they should be placed.

Dimensional Considerations:

Instead of having flat dimensions, multidimensional graphics will have greater effects on people who watch them.

Office Architecture:

Closed & cramped spaces only crush the spirits of employees; therefore, open spaces are a welcome change. Spaces that allow natural light is a breather and a mix of bright and soft colours in the indoors is refreshing and allows a positive setting in your office.

Ideas for Wall Graphics:

  1. A brand or company story is an excellent starting or reference point for Wall Graphics to start with. The journey of any business or the eureka point of a business idea makes for a superb hallway graphic.
  2. Communicating your vision through Wall Graphics can be done intelligently and creatively, yet in a precise way. It can be done through logos and interesting infographics on the stairs.
  3. Present your products and services most authentically: the why or the very reason behind your business or service is a driving force for creative messages to be given out frequently.
  4. Motivating employees with uplifting messages on the couch or lounge area is half the job done! Messages that charge the employees up, that make them feel lighter and happier and also very driven and ambitious at the same time, is a great idea for corporate Wall Graphics.
  5. Signboards can be used excitingly to indicate areas where creative work happens or where employees congregate for special events.
  6. Use Catchy statements from top leadership! Messages from authority and superiors can be put in witty and new ways on pillars or the walls of the office.

Wall Graphics, are a great way to connect with your employees. You can talk about core values, through wall decals. Wallpapers that speak amusingly about the dos and don’ts in the office, canvas paintings and abstract designs that captivate people, all contribute to the wellbeing and creative thought process of employees.

At Mockingbird Studios, we are all for out of the box ideas. We love challenges and turning them into the most artistic and ingenious graphics, that enchant and enthrall every individual in your office!!


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