A few reasons why you need vinyl wall wraps

A (tiny) crash course on vinyl wraps

If you’re somehow new to the world of wall décor, you might not know what makes vinyl wraps so popular. So before we begin with the meat of this write-up, we feel it’s best to give you a tiny crash course on its history till now and its utility.

In 1926, an American inventor named Waldo Semon combined a few polymer compounds to create what’s known as Polyvinyl Chloride, or simply vinyl. Currently the second most widely-used plastic in the world, the invention was immediately embraced for a variety of different commercial applications – particularly in vehicular advertising – due to the fact that it’s elastic but not adhesive in nature. As decades progressed, companies like Avery Dennison and 3M would significantly improve upon the initial vinyl formula by using air channels that not only allowed for bubble-free installation but also rendered them easily repositionable on any kind of surface.

The latter was a significant breakthrough for what is currently one of the most popular uses of vinyl wraps: interior décor.

Here’s why you need vinyl wall wraps

They’re easy to install

As we’ve mentioned earlier, the use of air channels in vinyl wraps makes them incredibly easy to install on any kind of surface – particularly walls.

But what exactly do we mean by “air channels”? Well, to prevent wraps from sticking to the substrate’s surface (which creates air bubbles) and keep it from functioning till the user is ready, many high-quality vinyl wraps utilise glass beads of microscopic size to maintain a small-but-significant amount of airflow. During installation – when the wraps are repeatedly removed and reapplied at the user’s discretion – these glass beads break, thus resulting in their firm installation on the surface of the substrate. Pretty neat, right?

So, pretty much all you need once you’ve decided upon a fully-customised design for any particular space, are skilful and efficient professionals – possibly with a decade’s worth of experience behind them, perhaps even a company that’s rightfully called Mumbai’s #1 source for graphic solutions…come on, do we need to spell this out for you?

They present a load of options

As mentioned earlier, vinyl wraps are eminently customisable in terms of textures, patterns, colours and designs – part of the reason why they have always been so popular in advertising for so long.

This, naturally, presents you with a range of different options for using wall wraps, particularly in an office space. Instead of painting over your walls separately in every single room, just fit them with vinyl wraps of your choice!  This especially comes in handy during marketing campaigns where instead of using the same kinds of wraps, you can have them customised to suit your needs.

What’s more: instead of painting over any embarrassing painting mistakes, you can just fit a vinyl covering of your choice over them and…voila!

They’re easy to maintain

Who wants to spend a tonne of time maintaining their walls? The answer is no one – we’re all way too busy with our daily lives to dedicate ourselves to this kind of work.

Vinyl wall wraps prevent you from going through all of that: not only are they super easy to clean due to the fact that their surfaces are smooth (all you need is soapy water and a piece of cloth), but – being that it’s essentially PVC – they’re incredibly durable against the elements, thus ensuring that they last a long time once installed.

In short, once you install the wrap, your job is effectively done.

They’re (comparatively) quite affordable

Remember the last time you’d had any room in your office painted?

 We’d bet that the process was not only arduous (and who could possibly forget the incredibly-unpleasant smell that lingered for days afterward!), but it probably also cost you a lot more in the long run due to the fact that you had to semi-regularly repaint those very spaces in order to keep up appearances – not to mention the possible disruption to your employees’ workflow due to those repainted rooms being out-of-bounds for a few days. Compare all of that to custom vinyl wall wraps: aside from the (reasonably set – by us, anyway) installation charges, how else does it cost? Indefinitely durable, easy to clean, just as easy to refit somewhere else…no smell either! It’s a win-win situation!

These are just a few of the many reasons why we think you should get vinyl wraps for the walls of your house or office!

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