Kid’s Room Decor


Do you plan to do up your little munchkin’s room?

Are you looking for some really cool graphics to brighten up your kid’s mood?

We have some interesting tips and ideas for you, to begin with. At Mockingbird Studios, we offer plenty of creative and fun options for your kid’s room décor.

Kids have vulnerable minds, and it is at this age that a lot of their core beliefs are formed. Hence it is vital, that anything that surrounds them is pleasant, benign and vibrant. A kid’s room should be a happy place that gives out positive & comforting vibes and most importantly your kid should love to be there.


Here are some tips:

Understanding Your Kid’s Room Structure:

Try to ensure a lot of space for fun and play, while planning the layout of your Kid’s room. So keep it simple is the mantra. You can see to it, that everything is at your Kid’s easy reach, heights and accessibility are important.

The Positive Impact of a Kid’s Room Décor:

A well-done room has an extremely positive and healthy impact on your kid’s mind and contributes to the overall development and well–being of your kid.  It improves & enhances moods while encouraging your Kid to explore, learn and be curious about various things all the time. A pro tip for you: Kids are very attracted to pastel colours.

Decorative ideas:

A favourite cartoon character or icon is a great way to include your Kid’s preferences and interests in the room. Some great themes could be, inspired by colours, patterns, favourites cartoons, animals, movie characters, forest themes etc.

Bedroom decor theme for a girl’s room:

Keep accents or pastels for your little girl’s room, for her to remain chirpy and spirited always. One can choose from a plethora of themes like Disney princesses to cute animation characters, the variety is endless.

Bedroom décor themes for a boy’s room:

Kids, especially boys are drawn towards superheroes as toddlers and love to be surrounded by such figures in their childhood.

The Right Material:

The perfect material should be one that does not harm or hurt the Kid, even if it breaks or falls. Use risk–free, soft, chemical-free materials and textures for your Kid, and you are free of concern. Use fabrics that are supple and smooth, so that your little munchkin can sleep peacefully.

Whiteboards in a kid’s room can be skillfully utilized by you to write positive messages, or plan your kid’s daily schedule. It can be used for the Kid to doodle or draw freely, letting their imaginations run free.

Wall Graphics ideas for a small kid’s room:

Patterned wallpapers or painted graphics, like happy symbols can brighten up the room of your Kid. A splash of colours in the designs offers great colour therapy for your kids. Interesting themes, like balloons, rainbows, flowers, chocolates, cotton candies, stars and even confetti can truly add spark to your kid’s room. Themes like fairytales, spaceships, the sea world, imaginary characters from books, all make for good wall graphic ideas for your kids’ rooms.

Toying with ideas for your kids’ room décor is not just a result, but a process that you will have fun with because it takes a kid’s imagination to do up the room. At Mockingbird Studios, we would love to hear all your imaginations out and deliver the perfect graphics for the décor of your kid’s room.

Some of the most iconic themes like jungle book or Kung Fu Panda can become very good visions for your kid’s room décor. You can take inspiration from anything around you.  A Kid’s favourite toy or food can be a huge part of the wallpapers in your kid’s room.

Let your kid step into a whole new world, when they step into their room. Try to observe what they are fascinated by, their most loved sport, hobby or even art tools. Your kid’s eyes should light up when they first see the room. Park rides and swings can also make for beautiful and fun wall graphics for your kid’s room.

The right colours for your wall graphics:

You can choose softer colours for your kid’s room. Medium intensity shades &accents, pastels & tints will work well for the entire décor. Large sized individual graphics like will look great in pops of colour.


Here are some themes for you to choose from:

Butterfly World:

Let your little girl be completely struck, by beautiful butterflies all over the room. Getting them designed in bright pops of pink, ruby red, gold and light blue will simply take her by a pleasant surprise.

Sea World:

Large whales, dolphins, sea horses, sea urchins and fish will delight your little one!!

Pretty boats with bright flags, lighthouses, mermaids are all great graffiti to be incorporated in your kid’s room.


Fete Theme:

A lively fair or a fete, can be an amazing theme for your kid’s room décor. Every element is worthy of being a wall graphic. Whether it’s an ice-cream booth or a merry –go round wheel, you have an abundance of options that you can select from.



Patterns like cars, polka dots, toffees, cupcakes, geometric patterns, clocks, trees are all options for you to consider keeping in mind your taste and your kid’s choices. 


Floral theme:

Flowers coupled with a little foliage print, are a very pretty option for your kid’s room. It appeals to the feminine senses and is a very welcoming wall-graphic for any room. Softly coloured tulip buds or even tiny artfully done blooms, will add a lot of cheer to the room’s décor.


Wall graphics are essential for any home, as they liven up the aesthetics and add wow factor to any space. Your dream is our priority, at Mockingbird Studios we love to interpret people’s visions, to convert them into the best and most evolved wall graphics.



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