A well-structured process for an infinite business growth

Mockingbird Studios has a well-defined process flow and a unique business model to help its franchisees succeed with small investment and no space needed to be leased.



Online Application: Fill out the online application form with legitimate details. If you qualify our minimum requirement to become franchisee our Franchise Development Manager will contact you in person. Please review our FAQ for franchise qualifications.


Query Redressal: Upon qualifying, our franchise development representative will personally meet you to address all your franchise and business-related queries. Such a detailed discussion is to help you understand whether opening a Mockingbird Studio is apt for your or not.


Meeting the Core Team: Prior to launching a new business together, it is essential that our core management meet our newest franchisees personally. This is vital to check franchisor-franchisee compatibility.


Agreement: Please read the terms and conditions carefully before signing the business agreement document.  


Join our list of exclusive franchisees and get entitled to reap benefits of Mockingbird Studios vast experience and expertise in the growing wall décor market.

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